Mesh Toddler Body

Here are mesh bodies that work seamlessly with the SL default head to allow much variety as you develop your own look unique to you!  The pint sized bodies are Omega compatible so that you can wear any shape and skin in all of Second Life and look absolutely adorable! 

If you have a skin that is not applied by Omega Appliers, just wear the skin you like and tint the body with the included Color Hud to match your neck/head. 


Each mesh body has Tattoo and Undie layers to make family role playing loads of fun.  You can add boo boos, dirt, face paint etc at your whim! 

Don't forget that these toddler bodies are compatible with all of the TOTSIPOP! G2 Toddler sized clothing, so take a look on the next product page to see how adorable you can be in our TOTSIPOP! styles. OH!  and there are a dozen creators on TOTSI TOO Mall who also make sweet items for your new toddler avi to wear as well.  Come on over and check them out!


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