You have 50 plus unique photorealistic skins to choose from for your little one.  These skins were made specially by TOTSIPOP! for the Infant, Baby and Toddler G2 avatars and are unisex - simply change your clothing and hairstyle to be a boy or a girl! 

Each skin set comes with 8-10 options including blush, freckles, face paint, messy food, boo boos with tears etc.... so you can have more fun with role play. 

A bonus feature with the G2 Avatars is the included Color HUD - you can tint your baby's skin any shade you like!  Here you see just a sample of the adorable skins for your new avatar. 

Come and see us at the Mainstore or take a peek at the MP listings and pick your fav!


                             Mainstore in SL          Marketplace listings


If you don't find what you are looking for, please contact Mallory Witt for a custom skin to your liking  :-)


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