TOTSI-TWEEN G2 Alpha and Clothing HUD Instructions


TOTSI-TWEEN Generation 2 Alpha and Clothing Layer HUD Instructions


*Alpha Panel*

The TOTSI-TWEEN G2 HUD has a TON of alpha cuts for you to use should your skin show thru your clothing.  To make parts of your avatar’s body transparent, find the picture similar to the avatar’s body in the panel. Tap the section of your body that is showing through your clothing and watch it disappear!  Press the “reset” button to show all sections of the body again.

The TWEEN G2 HUD offers the option of 5 Alpha Presets.  To create a preset, tap the parts of the body you would like to be transparent and touch the “set” button of one of the numbers (1-5) on the left of the Alpha Panel. Now when you tap that preset button the alpha settings will be applied to your mesh body.  These presets are only for use with the body (not clothing layers)


*Clothing Panel*

The TOTSI-TWEEN G2 mesh body and HUD provide you with three built-in clothing/tattoo layers (outer, inner and tattoo)

Tattoo (upper lower)

Inner (bra undies)

Outer (top pant)

On your HUD, you will see 7 sections of the body (neck, upper, lower, hands and feet). Each section can be textured separately using the Omega Applier System.  Next to each section of the body, you will see color coded buttons that correspond with the three layers attached to your mesh body.  These buttons allow you to make the attached layers transparent.  For example, should you want only your underwear layer to show, you would make your outer and tattoo layers invisible by tapping the buttons that correspond with those layers. You can tell if a layer is turned off when the button is dark.  A layer is turned on when the button is lit.


Each foot has three faces– toes, top of foot, and sole of foot.  This will allow you much more freedom for your shoe styles!

Your TOTSI-TWEEN mesh body comes with basic undies for you to try on.  To wear your undies, attach the appropriate Omega Applier (“tighty whities” if you want to be a boy and “cami undie” if you want to be a girl) and tap the layer to which you would like to apply your textures. Any applier can be used to apply textures to any layer.  The application may take a moment the first time around so tap again if you don’t see a change in the first 30 seconds.  Also, be sure to turn that layer on or you won’t see the change of clothes!  Should your layer be turned on and the applied clothing still does not show up, turn off the outermost layer – sometimes there is conflict with transparent textures.

To take off the clothing, simply touch the corresponding layer’s button to make it transparent. Alternatively, you can apply transparent textures to each layer using the included transparent Omega Applier.  If after applying transparent textures using the transparent applier, the texture remains on the layer, turn the layer off and then back on to reset.

When wearing mesh clothing, it is recommended that you apply your unders to the tattoo layer as it may be necessary to turn off the inner and outer layer to see the mesh you have added.  For example, if you attach a mesh dress and do not see all of it, simply tap the inner and outer buttons for the upper and lower and you will see the dress perfectly!  If you add some mesh pants that look like there are large holes in the mesh, tap the inner and outer buttons for the lower only.


TOTSI-TWEEN G2 Alpha and Clothing HUD Instructions

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